Mission | Vision | Philosophy

We Are VSA!

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to be a community based soccer club that is committed to providing players of all levels and backgrounds the opportunity to play the beautiful game of soccer!

Vision Statement:

To build a pathway that provides a professionalized platform creating opportunities for all players in our club to succeed in life on and off the field

Core Values:






VSA's Four Pillars

Develop The Player: We will always put the player first and develop them in the 4 key components of the game (Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological). We will provide opportunities for all players to grow on the field.

Develop The Person: We will always strive to look at the bigger picture and create young people who have characteristics and traits to succeed away from the soccer field. We will value hard work, humility, integrity, respect, responsibility, and a growth mindset above all else.

Develop The Club: We will work together as coaches, players, and parents to create OUR CLUB that we can be proud to be part of. On and Off the field we will represent the club in the best possible way, striving to be people the local community can be proud of. VSA will be unique to US!

Develop The Future: We will create a pathway and future for our players to be successful in all walks of life. Ultimately we are creating a better future for our community!