Gold Band Initiative


The technical aspect of the game is an area that we really want to strive in pushing our players to be the best in. As a club, we decided to measure some key areas of a player’s technical side of their game. The aim is to get a measurement of where each individual is currently, implement additional technical training throughout the season, then get another measurement at the end of the season to see if our players are improving in the technical areas that we are focusing on in the testing. 


The 4 areas that will be tested are shown in the challenge videos below, juggling, speed dribbling, skill moves, and turns. 


We also made the challenges simple to replicate, so the players can practice the challenges outside of their VSA practice sessions. In every aspect of life, not just sport, those who do more than what is asked of them, are the most successful. The challenges will help give our players more guidance as to what they can work on in their own time that will help have a positive impact on their game. 


Gold and Platinum Initiative System

Players will work to beat their own scores as the season progresses, but we also have levels that all players should be aiming for as shown below. If a player can reach the target for a specific challenge, they become a 'Gold club' member for that challenge. If a player hits gold club for every challenge, they will become a part of a very exclusive 'Platinum club'.

Gold club members will receive a gold colored wrist band. Platinum club members will win a family VIP package to a DC United game.     


Juggling challenge: 500

V Speed dribble challenge: 20 seconds

6 move challenge: 18 seconds

10 turn challenge: 20 seconds


Our first testing date will be Tuesday August 20th at Tyler Elementary School, starting with 3 selected age groups:

U11 age group: 5:00pm – 5:50pm

U12 age group: 6:10pm – 7:00pm

U13 age group: 7:00pm – 8:00pm 


We will be posting age group leaders and the awards for anyone who hits the target goals, on our social media pages.



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