Virginia Soccer Association Referees


VSA Referee Assignment – Currently, Sharon Deplitch handles assigning duties for our recreational program and NPL teams.  She and Tarey Houston share travel assigning duties (generally every other weekend). Steven Kirk is the assignor for our adult leagues.

So you want to be a referee, but don’t know how to start…

  1. Go to and sign-up for a certification course.  New referees may start as either grade 9 or grade 8.  The cost is the same, but grade 8 allows you to referee more games.
  2. Contact our Director of Referees and let them know you are interested.
  3. Once you are certified, contact Sharon Deplitch and let her know you are a newly certified referee and interested in refereeing for VSA.  As a USSF certified referee, you are free to referee for any assignor that will assign you games; however, we recommend that new referees start with recreational games for which Sharon is our assignor.
  4. Follow Sharon’s instructions for joining her group at
  5. Purchase your uniform.  At a minimum:
    1. Referee Jersey – USSF striped style.  Yellow short sleeved recommended to begin
    2. Black Shorts
    3. Referee Socks
    4. Black running shoes/cleats – we allow any type of appropriate footwear for VSA recreation and SFL games.  Higher levels generally require footwear to be black with a white or black brand logo.
    5. Wristwatch – preferably digital with a timer or stopwatch feature
    6. Whistle


Game Reports (Must be filled out with in 24 hours of the match) -

All VSA Rec, SFL, Cannon Cup, Adult, and Travel matches - Sign-in here. - Change your identity to the assignor for whose game you want to fill out a report.  Click on the 'After Games' link to the left.  Click on the green game number to the left of each of your matches and fill in the required fields before saving.

WAGS, ODSL, and NCSL -  These leagues require an additional game report.  Prior to filling out the game report, print out a list of all games for which you are reporting that includes game numbers.  Log-on at the site listed below and enter the game number to begin your report.  Note that once you log-on below, you can enter reports for any of the three leagues.  Each has their own log-on, but you can enter game reports for any of the three leagues once you are logged on to any of the leagues.

Click here for NCSL game reports  
Click here for ODSL game reports 


League/Organization Specific Information

*FIFA Laws of the Game (2018-19)

*MEMO - Memo from Director of State Referees

*VYSA –  Guidance on heading in youth soccer/Interpretation of heading guidance from State Director of referees.

*NPL – Laws/ Referee Pay

*NCSL – Laws/ Referee Pay

*ODSL – Laws/ Referee Pay

*SFL – Laws/ Referee Pay

VSA Recreation – Laws/ Referee Pay

*This information is provided for guidance only.  It is incumbent on the referee to ensure that he has the most current copy of the rules that apply to any game he is officiating.  This list is currently under development.  If there is not a hyperlink to the document you are looking for, we apologize for the inconvenience.