Juggling Winners Announced

Juggling Winners Announced

VSA is so excited to announce the winners of our Juggling competiton. We had winners in our younger age groups, they were slected by completing the highest number of juggles. Also we had a freestyle category that was on our social media. Congratulations to everyone one involed! #WeAreVSA 

Age Group Winners

U9 Boys- Evan McClure, U9 Girls- Amy Hallem, U10 Boys- Liam Behnam, U10 Girls Valentina Nordone, U11 Boys- Aiden Montague, U11 Girls- Maya Bravo, U12 Boys- Dominic Coulson, and U12 Girls-  Isabelle Cahall. 

Freestyle Winners

Danis Jacevic U12 NPL Elite Boys and Lilly Lovell U12 NPL Elite Girls