Isiah Britt's Story

Isiah Britt's Story
Big change doesn't always come from big places. Sometimes it has a small start. Some of the most 
influential movements have humble beginnings. Isiah Britt, a second grader who participates in our U8 ADP program, doesn't allow his age or the magnitude of need deter him from making a difference. Our very own Isiah was featured this past week on Fox News because he saw a need and took a small step in filling it.
After the unfortunate events in Flint, Michigan, many were left without clean and usable water, and a town was in great despair. Halfway across the country, at a dinner table in the Gainesville/Haymarket area, Isiah spoke to his family and learned about what was going on. Unlike most second graders, Isiah had a burning desire in his heart that he could make a difference.
With his mother's help, he set up a GoFundMe account. He tirelessly looked to raise money, initially to purchase water for those in need. But after a phone call to an elementary school in Michigan, he learned the need had changed. The elementary school informed him that they were not in need of bottled water any more, but were desperate for some hand sanitizer. With his focused mission, Isiah continued to raise money-so much so that Purell, a large hand sanitizing company, was inspired by his action and effort. They donated a large shipment of sanitizer in Britt's name. Isiah's mission is not complete as he is still raising money and helping his peers across the country.
One of the teacher's from the elementary school in Flint donated and wrote on Isiah's GoFundMe page, stating, "It brought tears to my eyes seeing some of the students who received hand sanitizer from Isiah! Makes it all so much more real! Let's keep this going so ALL kids in Flint can clean their hands without fear!"
When asked, Isiah said, his goal in life is to be a professional soccer player and to help people. He's on his way to the former and rising above the latter.
VSA is so honored to have great kids in all of our programs. The story of Isiah really inspires us. Our core values are to develop the complete player and to see that kind of character in our U8 program is a testament to the great families, staff and community we have here at VSA.
To view the original Fox story follow this link - Here