Feature Friday: Coaches Represent in ODP

Feature Friday: Coaches Represent in ODP

Feature Friday:

Coaches Represent in ODP

The ODP coaching slate came out for the 2015-16 seasons and VSA is proud to see the strong coaching presence the club has in this great development program.

ODP is a youth soccer development program that was formed in the late 70’s to identify pools of players at each age group that had national level talent. This requires the best coaches to not only identify the players, but to train them and prepare them for the next level. We are proud to see Coach Matt Lacey and Tim Krout as head coaches at the state level, Dale Parker and Graham Maclean as assistants at the state level, and Fro Adu and Dustin Butcher as assistants at the district level.

One of the highest priorities for VSA is to have top-level coaches with a hunger for education, developing themselves with the latest trends and surrounding themselves with peers and mentors. ODP gives our coaches these opportunities, and it is great to see our coaches recognized as some of the best in the state. Coach Graham Maclean has been involved with ODP in Virginia over the past 8 years. He’s excited for this coming season, stating, “It’s a vital part of my continued education to help keep in touch with new ideas and progressions within the game.” Coach Tim, the head coach of the 2000 girls, has the opportunity not only to go to Austria with them over spring break, but will also be representing Virginia in a National Championship later in the spring. He says, “It’s an honor for me to work with some of the best coaches in the state. Every session is an opportunity to learn and grow as a coach and mentor.”

ODP is where the best players come together and we often look at it as a players’ pool. However, this is also where all the best coaches in the state come to work together. We are very proud to see our VSA coaches representing us in and out of our club. 


Good luck to all players that will be particapating in tryouts this weekend!