Today, We Stand Together…

To develop not just a soccer field, but an amazing place for all to play.


With nearly 2,000 3-18 year old youth in our community playing soccer one would think that there would already be a place to play. Over 70 teams play 2 times per week on 5 parks spread throughout Haymarket, Gainesville, and Bristow, from March until November. Having multiple field locations creates transportation challenges for families, coaches, referees, and players. Renting community fields has become cost prohibitive and because these are not owned by the organization, availability varies for every field, every year. 

Imagine… Dream…Make It Happen….Together.


Soccer Fields configured to accommodate all ages. 

Travel & Recreation Tournaments with promotions for local VSA supporting businesses to draw attendees 
Office building with Pavilion, Restrooms, and Storage
Paved, handicapped accessible entrances
Picnic areas, gardens, and complete parking lot

Come Together Now…


Talk to your employer to see if they can give a company gift and/or rally gifts from employees. Check donations are welcome and may be tax deductible. Contact your accounting professional for more information. Send your donations to:

Virginia Soccer Association
P.O. Box 101
Haymarket, VA 20168


Together…We Can Build It. Donate Today!