Travel FAQ

  • How do I update my credit card information?

    • Click HERE to find instructions 

  • How do I view past registrations/receipts? 

    • Login to your registration portal for your organization.  Click the 'my profile dashboard' tab at the top of the page.

    • Click the My Household tab under My Account Information

    • Click View Registration Order History under My Site Registrations

  • Where can I find Demosphere support?

  • My child has been injured, who do I contact and what is the procedure?

    • Email your child’s coach and DOC to let them know about the injury

    • Send a doctor’s note along with any other documentation on your child’s injury and how long they expect to be out to Kris Wright at

    • The VSA Board of Directors will make a decision on stoppage of payments and/or refunds.

    • You will be emailed when a decision is made.

  • How do I get my child released from VSA Travel?

    • Email your child’s coach and DOC with the request for release

    • Review VSA’s refund policy HERE

    • All releases are subject to approval from the VSA Board of Directors

  • How do I transfer into VSA Travel midseason?

    • If you are transferring from another club to VSA mid season, you must be released from your previous club before you can be placed on an active VSA travel roster. Contact your club administrator and request a release if you plan to accept an offer from VSA.

  • How do I get added to TeamSnap?

    • If your child is in ADP - reach out to Alli Trask at 

    • If your child is in Travel - reach out to your team manager to update your information

  • Where do I go to order my travel uniform?  

VSA Travel Contacts

VSA Directors of Coaching

  • Jov Hall - ADP -

  • Nick Foglesong - U7-U12 Foundation Phase -

  • Steve Hoover - U13-U16 Boys Zone 2 -

  • Tim Krout - U13-U16 Girls Zone 2 -

  • Benjy Slator - U17-U19 Zone 3 -



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