pres cup

pres cup

This weekend kicksoff the USYS Virginia Presidents Cup, and we have a lot of teams going after a State Title! This will be a single elimination tournament that has Regional & National qualification implications. This weekend the journey begins with most of our groups. Stay tuned to all of our social media platforms to see how our teams are doing. 

As always stay up to date with your favorite club & our teams as they compete for a State title. 

Opening Round Games: 

2008B Premier Elite: BEACH FC - 9/28

2007B Premier Red: LOUDOUN BLACK - 9/14

2006B Premier Red: SDOR 06 - 9/14

2005B Premier Red: VAR NERO - 9/14

2003B Premier Red: VA LEGACY - 9/14


2008G Premier Elite: SYC - 10/5

2007G Premier Red: SYA SILVER - 9/14

2006G Premier Red: LOUDOUN BLACK - 9/14

2004G Premier Red: SYA WHITE - 9/28

2003G Premier Red: SYA WHITE - 9/28