Pre-Travel Preparation

VSA is excited to announce its very first Pre-Travel Preparation Program. With this new inniative, VSA aims to offer more of our players the chance to get to work with our travel coaches over the summer and improve their game! We believe this is the best environment for our players to not only enjoy their development but also get ahead and make the most out of their summer!

Training Dates: June 17th - July 19th

Week 1 - 6/17, 6/19

Week 2 - 6/24, 6/26

Week 3 - 7/1, 7/3

Week 4 - 7/8, 7/10

Week 5 - 7/15, 7/17



Players that fall between the 2009-2011 Year of Birth are eligible for this program.

All age groups are based on the 2018-2019 soccer calendar. Please guide any questions to